Denmark Has the Most Climate-Friendly Policies in the World

Denmark Has the Most Climate-Friendly Policies in the World

Denmark has just been acknowledged as the most climate-friendly country in the world by the green organisations at the COP18 conference in Doha, Qatar.

A new report which has just been released at the COP18 conference in Doha, Qatar shows that Denmark ranks as the best country in the world when it comes to policies aimed at mitigating climate change and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

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Enhancing transparency of climate change policies
The report called "Climate Change Performance Index" is made by Climate Network Europe in cooperation with the organisation Germanwatch. The World Wide Fund for Nature, the environmental movement NOAH and the Ecological Council of Denmark also participated in making the list. The purpose of the index is to enhance transparency of national and international efforts to avoid dangerous climate change.

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The greenest energy agreement to date
Part of the reason for Denmark's top-ranking is the energy agreement that the Danish parliament signed in March this year - the broadest and most ambitious Danish energy agreement to date. Key iniatives in the energy agreement are a 34% reduction of CO2, 50% of electricity covered by wind power and a 12% reduction in energy consumption, all by the year 2020. 

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Changing the world by setting a good example
The Danish minister of Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard is pleased that Denmark is acknowledged as a world leader when it comes to the transition towards a greener society:

"We show that it is possible to be a climate-friendly society while stimulating the industry and increasing living standards at the same time. I am proud to be a leading country and I feel certain that we can make a change in the world by showing a good example."

Still room for improvement
The green organisations give Denmark 72 points out of a 100. This means that even though Denmark is at the top of the list, there is still room for improvement. Martin Lidegaard agrees:

"In a few months we will be ready with a climate plan which will show how to reduce emissions from transport, farming and buildings, and this will be followed up by climate legislation. So we are not nearly finished yet."

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Source: Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building

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