State of Green Tours

State of Green offers you the opportunity to experience Danish solutions in the field of energy, climate adaptation and environment.

Experience Danish solutions live
A tour offers you a chance to take advantage of the lessons learned by leading Danish companies and institutions, enabling you to strengthen your market position and find solutions to the challenges of your industry and society. You can combine business meetings with site visits and conferences and other events in the area of your interest.

We create programs tailored to your needs
Serving businesses, politicians, civil servants and journalists, State of Green creates visiting programs tailored to your needs, free of charge. State of Green offers to handle all logistics related to your visit including local transportation, accommodation, interpretation etc.

Feedback from visitors
Since 2008, we have hosted more than 250 delegations consisting of more than 4,100 visitors. These are a few of the positive comments we have received from the visitors:
“Fantastic. It was as if someone designed StateofGreen to help me organize and deliver this tour-course”.
”Every aspect of the tour was wonderful”.

“Communication with the representative from State of Green was excellent”.
“Thank you again for this opportunity.”

A tour is relevant for many delegations
A State of Green tour is relevant for:

State of Green is not able to arrange visiting programmes for tourists or other private visitors. However, you can find inspiration and information on how to experience the green side of Denmark during your holiday on VisitDenmark’s website