Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Denmark has all the competences needed throughout the entire value chain for producing a wind turbine. Consequently, market leaders assembling all the subcomponents and elements needed for a complete wind turbine have based themselves in Denmark to be close to the best researchers and sub-suppliers in the industry.

Getting the enormous elements transported and assembled into a finished turbine requires special transportation and machinery. A number of the world’s leading companies specialised in this are located in Denmark.

Through years of experience, companies in Denmark have developed close relationships with their suppliers, ensuring the dynamic collaboration that continuously improves processes and drives development within the industry forward. The companies assembling the turbines have developed key competences in how to make the assembling process the most efficient and secure while ensuring a high quality, unique efficiency and long lifespan.

Today, Denmark has more than 5000 turbines corresponding to 3,800 MW of installed capacity. The long history of wind power in Denmark has given Danish companies time to learn from past mistakes, which makes them able to ensure high quality, state-of-the-art products. The size of the industry have forced them to be able to deliver fast and efficiently, by developing and using the latest technology and experience from within the field.

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