Waste Utilization

Waste Utilization

Waste utilization, recycling and reuse plays a major role in limiting resource consumption and the environmental impact of waste

Why use new, virgin raw materials, when you can reuse old, already processed resources? This is one argument for waste utilization – and a very valid one indeed. Reusing or recycling waste increases resource efficiency and saves the environment from pollution and harmful emissions.

In Denmark we produce about 13 million tons of waste every year. Some 60% of all waste is recycled, in accordance with the Danish waste management policy, which rates recycling as the highest ranking waste treatment form (followed by incineration with energy recovery and with landfilling as the lowest).

The unique Danish waste management model comprises household and industrial waste, with source separation as a key element – ensuring the highest possible utilization rate. The model includes public collection systems for paper, cardboard and glass. In addition, Denmark has a well-developed deposit and return system on, for example, bottles and cans that significantly reduces the amount of household waste that otherwise had to be managed.

The Danish history of efficient waste management and utilization has given Danish companies significant expertise in waste utilization technologies.

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