Other Heating & Cooling Technologies

Other Heating & Cooling Technologies

Heating and cooling can be supplied in many different ways, using a large variety of technologies.

The demand for heating and cooling solutions exists globally, but the most cost-effective way of meeting this demand varies greatly from place to place. Factors which influence the demands include the density of population in a given area or the energy demands of a given industry.

In densely populated areas, a centralised solution such a district heating and cooling is likely to be the most cost-effective way of meeting demands. In more rural areas where the demand does not justify the larger investment of a centralised solution, decentraliaed solutions such as heatpumps and heat recovery in recidential buildings may be most beneficial.

Denmark applies a broad range of technologies to meet the country’s heating and cooling needs. With a long tradition of political attention on creating incentives for choosing the most efficient technologies, heating and cooling is an area of great focus. This has resulted a diverse industry ranging from R&D and innovation to production and consulting.

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