Other Energy Efficiency Technologies

Other Energy Efficiency Technologies

The cheapest form of energy is the energy not used.

Long term cost savings can easily be obtained by implementing energy saving technologies and routines. Energy use in buildings, industrial processes and transportation has a great potential for minimizing the use of energy. Such a reduction will result in lower costs and greenhouse gas emissions and often increasing comfort.

Energy efficiency in buildings
In the effort to further increase comfort, reduce energy costs and minimize greenhouse gas emission, researchers and companies in Denmark are continually striving to develop new and innovative technologies to save energy in buildings.

Cost reductions in industrial processes
Energy conservation in industrial processes offers great cost reduction potential. It is even possible to make these types of energy conservations without having to make huge investments. By entering into agreements with Energy Service Companies (ESCO), the investment cost can be paid back through the future energy savings.

Efficiency through changed behaviour
Energy efficiency does not only come down to the use of technology. A great deal can be achieved through behavioral change. Increased awareness of how energy is used can directly result in an improved bottom line. For decades, Denmark has worked on shifting public opinion toward consciousness about energy conservation. Together with a political framework that encourages energy savings, this has resulted in Denmark being able to keep energy consumption stable while increasing GDP. 

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