Water Supply

Water Supply

Water supply in Denmark is highly decentralized with large and small waterworks situated all over the country.

The water supplied comes entirely from groundwater that is clean, safe and drinkable. Tap water is not chlorinated thanks to a highly efficient distribution system where bacteria and other impurities are minimized.

Price of water reflects actual costs
The average consumer price of water in Denmark is around 7 euro per cubic meter. This might seem high but it reflects the actual total costs connected to water supply which creates better incentives for conscious consumer behaviour and ensures funding for wastewater treatment before releasing it back into nature. This is not the case in many countries, where actual costs are not passed on to consumers or industries. The costs connected to water supply include groundwater protection, water catchment, treatment, distribution as well as wastewater treatment, drainage and discharge.

Non Revenue Water
Water losses in the Danish distribution system are remarkably low by international standards: Less than 7 per cent of the water produced by the water work never reaches the customers due to leaks, theft or metering inaccuracies. In some countries water losses –  or Non Revenue Water (NRW) – are above 50 per cent and thus represent a high potential for water savings. High losses are also of importance for the quality of water.

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