IT Systems

IT Systems

Information Technology is, in more than one sense, a key factor in combating climate change

As the use of IT becomes more widespread and an ever more integral part of most societies, so does its environmental impact. The production, use and disposal of IT equipment uses a great deal of energy, and accounts for up to 2% of global CO2 emissions.

At the same time, IT will probably play a very large role when it comes to solving the climate and environmental issues facing us, by increasing the energy efficiency of other processes. IT is the key to developing intelligent energy systems, and facilitates long-distance communication, such as virtual meetings, that allow us to cut down on transportation.

So, the challenge facing us is to make good use of the benefits of information technology, while reducing the energy consumption and environmental impact of the technology itself. This is the reasoning behind the introduction of “Green IT”: The research and implementation of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly IT solutions.


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