Hydropower is one of the oldest energy sources in the world – from the first watermills to the gigantic hydro-electric power plants of today – and is still one of the cheapest and globally most abundant sources of renewable energy.

The advantages of hydropower, using water turbines to generate electricity, are many: power-generation is virtually CO2 free, reservoirs and dams are low-maintenance installations and the reservoirs serve as energy storage; water can be released and withheld according to demands for electricity.

There are, however, other factors to be taken into consideration. The environmental and human impact of damming rivers is an important factor when planning and implementing hydro-electric solutions.

In Denmark, hydropower has only limited potential, due mainly to the fact that Denmark is fairly flat, with no great rivers. There is, however, a single hydro-electric plant which supplies power to about 3.000 homes (0.1% of total Danish power production).

Danish companies and consultants have, however, developed a comprehensive expertise in implementing hydropower solutions internationally – including assessing and mitigating environmental impact.



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