Danish Energy Agency

Danish Energy Agency

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The Danish Energy Agency engages nationally and internationally in production, supply and consumption of energy - as well as the efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Danish Energy Agency is an agency under the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building. Our work involves matters regarding energy supply and consumption in Denmark. Furthermore the agency is engaged in a broad range of efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases internationally. Currently the Danish Energy Agency has substantive programs in and collaboration on energy technology and efficiency with fast growing economies like China, Vietnam, South Africa and Mexico.

Denmark is a pioneer on greening the energy system and has since the first oil crisis in 1973 had a solid tradition for ever more energy efficiency and renewable energy oriented policies. The Danish experience shows that through a persistent and active energy policy focused on enhanced energy efficiency and increased use of renewables, it is possible to sustain economic growth and at the same time reduce the use of and dependence on fossil-fuels, benefiting both the climate and the environment.

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