Climate partnerships with companies and local governments

Climate partnerships with companies and local governments

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Climate partnerships

At DONG Energy we make our knowledge and competences available for business partners who make special efforts to save energy, implement intelligent energy solutions and thus reduce the company's own emission of CO2. Today, as part of our climate partnerships, we share a dialogue with the partner to identify the optimum climate strategy. To us a partnership should be a win-win-win situation to both the climate, the partner and to DONG Energy.

The strategy may build on e.g. energy savings, energy production from the partner’s waste sources, the use of renewable energy sources, and change of staff-routines. A climate partnership is a continuous joint process.

A partnership is based on individual solutions

Not two business customers face the same challenges in terms of energy. Our climate partnerships are based on individual solutions for energy savings and procurement of energy adapted to the company. In cooperation we develop new solutions and climate projects and find efficient ways of utilizing the energy.

Technical Specifications

Examples of solutions are: Conversion into renewable energy, establishment of solar panels, city busses running on biogas, electrical cars and employee programmes which focus on a more energy-conscious behavior. Due to our many years of experience, our energy advisors are often able to reduce the energy consumption by approximately ten per cent, even with a very energy-conscious business partner.

A climate partnership is a mutually binding collaboration.

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