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A top-100 research university with excellence across all major disciplines.
We are committed to turn frontier research into innovative solutions.

Aarhus University provides independent and inspiring knowledge as a basis for addressing challenges to global sustainability. The university supplies authorities, institutions and companies with research-based advice and top-quality knowledge transfer. At Aarhus University we strive to make the entire knowledge base developed at the university available for society to support progress and sustainability. Based on a core of excellence the university promotes an interdisciplinary approach to complex global challenges.

Aarhus University provides internationally acclaimed research and research-based advice about the environment and nature, agriculture, democracy, health, business models, economics, regulation etc. . Whether the question relates to bio-refinering, leadership competencies, economic models, sustainable agriculture or water management, the university provides advice based on the latest knowledge.

Partnering with Aarhus University is a gateway to the global knowledge market and frontier solutions. To find out more and get in touch with Aarhus University please visit our website.

Find out more about Aarhus University’s initiatives to meet the Global Challenges.

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Aarhus University
Att: Anne Møller Christensen
Nordre Ringgade 1
8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 8715 0000
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