The Olympic Park Goes Green

Orbicon is the Danish partner of Soil Association Woodmark that has performed a combined FSC/PEFC project authority certification of the Olympic Park in London.

Orbicon are able to make similar FSC/PEFC project authority certifications as Soil Association Woodmark does, on large as well as small construction- and renovation projects in the Nordic countries. The project certification of the Olympic Park in London is just one example of a large project that has been FSC/PEFC certified.

Woodmark is the Soil Association’s certification scheme for forest management and chain of custody for forest products. Soil Association Woodmark has certified over 7.5 million hectares of forest and supports sustainability. Since 2009 they have offered Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) chain of custody certification. PEFC can be provided both independently and in combination with FSC certification.

Certifying big and complex projects

Soil Association Woodmark was given the responsibility for the Olympic Park project by The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), who has the overall responsibility for the Olympic organisation.  The purpose of the project was to certify the Olympic Park ’green’ by using FSC/PEFC certifications.

Soil Association Woodmark has certified 19 different areas in the Olympic Park. These areas, for instance, include the iconic Velodrome (bike track), the swimming stadium, and all bridges, benches and fences in the park. The project involved 12,500 m3 including everything from construction timber to tropical wood types. Of the certified wood constructions, in the Olympic Park, 66 per cent are marked by the FSC certification and 33 per cent by PFEC.

The certification of the Olympic Park shows that large and complex project can also be FSC/PEFC certified. Therefore this project can be seen as a trailblazer for projects of the same character. It also serves as a great example for similar sustainable projects in the future.

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Orbicon completes FSC/PEFC project certification

Besides the more traditional FSC and PEFC forest and traceability certifications Orbicon delivers, we can also, as Woodmark’s Nordic partner, do FSC and/or PEFC project certifications of construction- and renovation projects.

Read more about FSC certification on Orbicon’s website (Danish)



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